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Important information

Online Youtube downloaders give you opportunety to save video from youtube without installing of "youtube downloader".

But that doesn't mean that you don't need to install anything at all. Many of such "online youtube downloaders" use java applet and you have to download and install java (if you still don't have it installed on your computer).

As a result you have to install and run java applet to be able to download a video from youtube. Most of such applets do not have digital signature and you can't be sure is it a virus or any malicious software.

So, be careful with such "online youtube downloaders".

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Online YouTube Downloader -

Forget about installation of any standalone application! No need to download any youtube downloader. Just browse to

and enter URL of youtube video for downloading.

This Online Video Downloader also supports video downloading from other video sites:

You can save video from these sites whenever you like, without any software and application (so-called youtube downloader).

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Online YouTube Downloader -

For this online youtube downloader you need to enter the ID of the video you want to download.

For example: youtube URL looks like:

you need to copy & paste the youtube ID of this video: 3Rvjfm5FYHM and press "Download" button

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Online YouTube Downloader -

No need to install any Youtube Downloader! You can download any youtube video free online.

No matter which computer do you use, it can be even a mobile device!

Go to the enter URL of youtube video that you want to download and press "Download" button!

And thats all!

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